Lirik Lagu Boy In Space & NOTD - Therapy


Its hard feeling like a vertigo 
My heart never seems too let you go
But my friends say it gets better with time
These scars hard to put them in a letter 
But I hope it will feel a little better 
Tryna think of something clever that times rhymes 

Skipping rocks upon the water 
Only makes it harder too
Smoking trees up by the station just to 
Ease my brain off you 

Hate me 
Kill me on the inside
Lately I’ve been 10 feet underground 
Kinda hard to breath Thought I’d let you know 
Make me pour out of my eyeballs 
Crazy acid makes it hard to see 
Maybe I’m in need of therapy 

I’ve heard that you found another guy 
How does it feel having someone by you’re side?
The mirror might get lonely sometimes

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