Lirik Lagu ILLENIUM - Paper Thin ft. Angels & Airwaves Lyrics

Lyrics ILLENIUM - Paper Thin ft. Angels & Airwaves

[Verse 1:]
I see you at the window cill 
The rain it won’t stop, the air it’s so chill,
I never heard the words you said
The phone it can’t ring, if the heart is dead,
You carry round your box of glass
With wounds so sharp, that they cut too fast
Runnin’ when the sky comes down 
Growin’ more cracks, when you can’t be found, yeah

I Took your hurt
And made it mine
Do my best
To justify it
Call it pleasure but it feels like pain
So how we let it get this way
Your broken heart
Was just like mine
We built these walls
And hid inside ‘em
I said I wouldn’t let you in
And now you know I’m paper thin

[Verse 2:]
Maybe I’ll just let you down
But look at those eyes, I’m thinkin’ too loud, and
Maybe I’ll just bide my time
So when it feels right, you can be mine, then
Didn’t know it’d be so late, drinking all night, and numbing that shame
Guessin’ I’ll be careful now
I’m holdin’ your past, ill carry you out

Don’t lie to us
Don’t lie to us
Don’t hide from us
Or anything, or anyone, 
It will make me spin 
Now you know I’m paper thin

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