Lirik Lagu Liquid Sila x Ben Utomo - C4 Lyrics

Lyrics Liquid Sila x Ben Utomo - C4

Whatchu really want homie 
You talking like your saw homie 
Alhamdulillah homie 
Need a bra homie 

You’se a fat brode homie 
You ain’t ma homie 
You’se a fake phony balony 
Cheese & macaroni 

I be in the game getting mulla 
Ain’t no body doing it coola 
I be on the road shows sold out 
Spit you out when chewed up 

Flexing on these hater for practice
I eat you mcs for breakfast 
Two lapar cons like I m from Belfast 
Pull out your torso from your pelvis 

Shiting in these haters like I m Elvis
If I ain’t I don’t know what is 
Roley on ma wrist like Nico
Watch What  u say it’s a stick up 

Blowing up shit like C4 
Blowing up a shit like before 
King of ma city Gambino 
I m custom to the city 

Im that dude that be always getting faded
If u talking bout that money then u know that I be with it
If I see it n I want it yea u know that imma get it
If u trynna take what's mine I'll never gonna let it

I'm the champ making hits like DC
Different league do it justice like DC
I'm a pro n I'm blem, I'm a problem
I'm the hottest n the coolest no autumn

Im that Indo smokin on that Indo
Drive slow while I'm rolling down the window
Blowin out smoke feel the wind blow
Blowin up shit like C4

Like C4 I be on my Carter shit
Yea I'm different yea u know I'm on some other shit
We're not the same, stay the same I will never switch
Run the game fuck the fame I will never switch

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