Lirik Lagu MISSIO - Losing My Mind Lyrics

Lyrics MISSIO - Losing My Mind

Late at night, I like to think about the things that I want.
 And what is life and who is real? 
Late at night, I like to visualize the girls that I’ve loved.
And all they did to make me smile. 

On dreary days, I like to think about the joy that I had 
As a young and reckless kid.  
On dreary days, I used to drown it out. A sociopath. 
‘Cause I had nothing left to give. 

I’m losing my mind.
I’m fighting for more time. 
I’m begging no more rules.
‘Cause I’m losing my mind.

When I drive, I like to think about the feelings I’ll have.
When I learn that I am dead. 
When I drive, I love to fantasize about being a ghost.
I’ll float through death haunting you. 

What if we’re all just ghosts? 

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