Lirik Lagu PuffHost - Silver Lining

Lyrics PuffHost - Silver Lining

Oh my only love
It’s alright that you feel low
For we’re only human souls
And we choose the path we go
That’s the silver lining

Learn to build your wall you’ve got it made
The rising of the ocean
Just in time to make change
Try to look up high and lose yourself
I’m your ground
When your great wall comes crashing down
There’s a great big world

Superhero life
Can only help the ones you’re with
Seasonal fruit in the knick of time
Is it pointless now to live?
That’s the silver lining

I’m packing all my hope in little pills
Chasing all my fears down a rabbit trail
I’m searching for my muse
We lost touch
Don’t wanna fuck this up
I can’t burn the bridge to myself
You’re brave I know

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