Lirik Lagu PuffHost - Tragedy of the Week Lyrics

Lyrics PuffHost - Tragedy of the Week

Who do you call when the murderer wears a badge?
Do you feel small when the problem’s bigger than you are?
It must be hard when you feel like you don’t have a voice at all
I’m screaming with you now 

Sick of the self-righteous shit like it’s a charity 
It’s not, what it is -- another tragedy of the week
But what can you give when you 
Don’t wanna give up anything at all
And you still want credit anyway 

Everything is twisted ,morphing
Into a sadistic world
A balance of the pleasure and the pain 
I don’t know if I’ll ever wake up

Everyone I know and love
Is turning into something 
I don’t understand 
I thought I knew 
but now I’m all alone 
and I could use a hug 

Going down a rabbit hole
And digging my way out of all
The negative attention 
I've been paying to myself 
I gotta change that 

I wanna make a difference 
But I don’t know if my vision is enough 
Am I legitimate enough?

Hey this is the voice inside your head 
I’m here tell you things that you forget
Look at all these choices 
The world is filled with choices 

None of them will ever love you back 
They’re not even real
They’re made in factories 
They fabricate the toys there 
And play us all like board games 

Down on myself again
Doubting myself again 
I don’t believe I can do anything on my own 
I’m inadequate 
Living in tragedy 
The whole world is mad at me
I can see how I could endlessly 
Make up a grocery list 
Of the ways it feels meaningless 

Looting my humanness 
And now you're abusing me
Give it a week or two 
I’ll be old news again 
Then you can use me all over 
I’m new again
Yeah I am new again
Fuck you, I'm new again

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