Lirik Lagu SYML - Flags Lyrics

Lyrics SYML - Flags

Somewhere in the fog I heard a cry
It kept me up for hours
Haunts me every night

Screaming through my veins the fire spreads
Fill me up with poison
Dark clouds overhead I’m soaking wet

I'm hurt, I’m hurt you didn’t know
But there’s no pretty way to tell you so
I’m tired, so tired I’m letting go
I’ve been burning flags to let you know
Time is up time has flown, time has flown

Here she comes she lays beside my head
She holds me through my winter
In this awful bed

Softly in my ear she casts her spell
"F*ck this cursed cancer
Send it straight to hell"
She knows me well

I’m hurt, this body’s wearing thin
A beautiful mistake I’m living in
I’m tired, sometimes I fantasize
Push me out to sea, coins on my eyes
Family friends say goodbye, say goodbye
I’m hurt, not hurt enough to die
See I was born to rage, born to fight
I’m tired, not tired enough to sleep
So devil on my chest don’t sing to me
Or take my breath, let me be, oh let me be

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