Lirik Lagu UPSAHL - MoneyOnMyMind

Lyrics UPSAHL - MoneyOnMyMind

Living in a tragedy 
Suburban paradise 
All I ever wanna see 
Is triple dollar signs 
I don't want no enemies 
Don't get in the way of what's mine 

You can keep the jewelry 
I'll take the enterprise
Ruler of a dynasty 
Yeah a paradigm 
Swimming in the currency 
Drowning in the sweet life
Zeros add up like nothing 
Stack them to the right of one 
And count them up baby show me something 
Cha ching cha ching
Money on my mind 
Used to think about you all the time 
Even though you never were my type 
Almost let you go and kill my vibe 
My life's richer now 
Ever since you left the picture now 
Baby I've been better by myself 
With money on my mind 

I want the kind of love 
Dollars can't buy
But till the day it comes 
I'll use them to pass time 
I blow a little kiss 
Blinded by my wrist 
Screaming out show me the money

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