Lirik PuffHost - Fake Happy

Fake Happy

Spilling half full glasses 
When the silver lining has become too plastic
Actively becoming passive 
Aggressively killing all my happiness 
But everything is gonna be fine 

So why do we go out and stay inside of our minds?
When we could just stay in and go out of our minds?

Introverted life but horizontally complacent
I guess I’ll take a rain check on my emotion 
cuz it takes less of my energy to fake it
focus on the pain less 
My ambivalence already feels like a vacation 

But that’s okay man cuz some nights 
You could be on top of the world and still fear heights

Everybody’s sitting here pretending they don’t want to feel 
just to be fake happy 
It’s hard enough to smile when you want it but it’s harder when you do it just to fake happy 
I could be real sad and tell you everything 
And I could scream out loud and make you listen to me
But I don’t wanna be a burden when it’s personal it’s better just to hurt and be fake happy 

I got a lot of worries in my head like it’s a hobby of mine
Ironically my depressions at an all time high and I’m addicted to anxiety
I’m Overdosing on the worst case scenario I gotta keep myself clean 

Such a hide and seek narrative 
Covering the story til I find a way to care again 
Paying a tax on my mind 
I keep it under the table when I am able to 
so I can keep it all stable 

Fake it til it makes you happy 
It’s easier to settle for less than have it all
The feelings are mixed don’t wanna stir em up
Just keep it to yourself all bottled up
Cuz it’s never enough, you know it’s never enough

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