Lirik Lagu Chief Keef & Mike WiLL Made-It - STATUS Chord Lyrics

Lyrics Chief Keef & Mike WiLL Made-It – STATUS

Ayy, Mike Will
Fuck should we do wit' these niggas, man?

[Verse 1]
Okay, okay
Put him in the trunk (Trunk)
Put him in the forest, change his name to Gump (Gump)
Soon as I let the window down, you gon' smell the skunk (Dope)
Legendary, write my name in Rosetta Stone (Stone, ayy)
Yeah, you got a chain but you a punk (Punk)
Yeah, I got a pump, I let it rock like punk (Punk)
Four pail, triple S's, bitch, you gettin' stuck
Speedin' in a foreign, pockets holdin' all the humps
Yeah, I'm rich, homie, but don't know that nigga Quan (Nah)
Neck on lagoon, boy, yo' shit be on pond (Ha)
Snakes in the grass when we stummin' on the lawn (Stum)
Been a bad boy, bitch, I feel like Martin Lawrence
And I'm gettin' head in the foreign, where I'm goin' (Skrt)
Gettin' a massage in the foreign while drivin' (Skrt)
All black truck, that bitch look like I'm hidin'
Took her to the hood and she mumbled, "nigga savage" (Ayy)

Nigga, get a farm and get some cabbage (Ayy)
Nigga, get a farm and get some cabbage
Nigga, get a farm and get some cabbage (Cabbage)
Nigga, get a farm and get some cabbage (Ayy)
I be tryna break my bad habits
Diamonds singin' on a bitch like Lenny Kravitz
Put you to a end like some credits (End)
Choppa put you up like a status (Bang)

[Verse 2]
When I pull up, you know I'm swaggin' (Swaggin')
He actin' like a killer, nigga braggin' (Nigga braggin')
Somebody tell security, let the bag in (Let the bag in)
Walk up in the club, get the backend (Get the backend)
They won't even know a nigga packin' (Packin')
I might be high but I ain't lackin' (But I ain't lackin')
Flame a little blunt, no stressin' (Dirt)
Gotta have the lead, bitches sketchy (Sketchy)
Four years probation, judge petty (Judge petty)
Oh, you think you got me? Let's get it (Let's get it)
Knock, knock, knock, bitch it's FedEx (Knock, knock)
They can't read about you on Reddit (On Reddit)
I'll put your life on Amazon (Amazon)
Hoppin' out the Dawn like a been a don (Been a don)
Niggas always sour like vinegar (Vinegar)
I'm tryna fit five, six bitches in the car (Bitches in the car)
I'm tryna fit five, six bitches in the car (Bitches in the car)
Niggas always sour like vinegar (Vinegar)
I'm tryna fit five, six bitches in the car (Bitches in the car)
Bitch, I'm on Saturn, 'bout to eat the moon (Moon)
She won't only eat the dick, the bitch will eat a shroom (Shroom)
Spider webbin' hoes, we gon' need a broom
It's 12 AM but you won't see the noon (Noon)
Bitch, I been a goon, I don't need goon (Nah)
How you ride through my hood and you ain't see the goons?
Make the stick breakdance, I don't need no tunes
Tell your bitch, hey baby, go in either room
Let's get it
Pull up to the county, tell 'em free the goons
You always sad, I'll watch the fuckin' sea bloom
Tell them split the red in the green room (Ayy)
Crazy ass sandals at a cookout (Bang)
Security ass nigga, be a lookout
Where George at I'm slidin' to the Bush house (Skrt)
Act like I was east when it went south
Four piece on my neck, feel like heroes (Bling, bling, bling)
"Sosa is you straight," yeah, I'm narrow
Tell Robin Hood to sharpen up my arrows
Had my bitch beat a bitch, red sparrow
And I'm havin' more stripes than a shelltoe
I be smokin' more trees than a Timberland
Hang him off a tree if I catch Zimmerman
Let his ass die, bitch, fuck the ambulance
Let his ass die, bitch, fuck the ER
I'll drive a smart car through street war
Man, these niggas suckin' dick for some PR
You got a drum, I got a drum, let's have a beat war
Blue jeans, gray jeans, let's have a jean war
Nigga, you need to close your eyes, you never seen war (Bitch)
Man, I'm fucked up, ridin' with that Glock docked
Met the gang, beat your ass, bet your papa die
Squally ass nigga, nigga, you a copper cop (Cop, squally)
When my locksmith pull up and pop a lock
'Posed to cock and pop pussy but you popped and drop (Drop)
And my son a fucking prince like he with Rap-A-Lot

Bang, bang
Bang, bang, bang
Beat him
Pop it and drop it

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