Lirik Lagu French Montana - Double G ft. Pop Smoke Lyrics

Lyrics French Montana - Double G ft. Pop Smoke

Look, I said I’m a double G
Please don’t trouble me,
Rocks all in my socks, guns up in my brief
If a n***a move n woky that’s when we gon see
The woos pop out the cut, totin thirty-three
I’m tall, skinny, handsome,
she like you a gorgeous, little gangster
she said I talk like a taurus, but I fuck like a cancer
and a bunch of young n***a’s that’ll make you run n***a 
Even with a gun n***a, I’m the wrong one, n***a
I’m the main one, I can’t run, my eyes red like Saint John 
Broke down to work on 8 corners now my crib like 8 farms, 
My n***a’s pop up like state farm
I pull up in about 8 foreigns
I hit it and run, run like I got 8 warrants, $800K chorus
That’s why this bitch calling Maury, in the Astin Martin
Look like Lawrence in the third lane like I’m a tourist,
Yelling what what  what like I’m Nore
Know them Cokeboys get it cheaper,
Got my top down, got my feet up
N***a sleep, that's when we creep up
Smoking on that either, cup of lean
I pull up in that, you can’t afford this
Fresh up off the block, now I’m on the forbes list 
I’m walkin down your block like I’m a tourist
Packs in it, dark tint it, black camaro
Got the cubans for the stash, I’m Rob-ert Deniro 
Flying lears, millionaires
King Arthur, grab a chair
Where's fire there's smoke, 
G5 in the air, French and Pop Smoke blowing smoke that throne see it clear

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