Lirik Lagu Juicy J - BEST GROUP Chord Lyrics

Lyrics Juicy J - BEST GROUP ft. Logic

[Intro: Juicy J, Logic]
To the motherfuckers who couldn't keep Juicy J' name out their motherfucking mouth
The dope shit still go-go, ho
And we gon' do a little something like this
What Juicy say? He be like "Shut the fuck up!"
North, north

[Verse 1]
I was young when I hit-hit my first lick
I flipped that shit, then we got rich
Plenty times they tried to throw me off track
But I just went back, it's good to be black
Got my brothers out the trump and I guarantee them niggas that they will never go back
They went from moving some packs
To some rappers and everything we said was real, no acting
They can not fuck with me, my mind is strong, call me 50
I might just spin 'til I'm 50, I'm trippy
When I'm smoking on the sticky
Wait for the shit, they think it ain't hit me
I took my shot and that shit smith and wesson
Still at the top of this shit, I'm a legend
Niggas gon' touch your integrity
Gotta stay with it if you want longevity
Catch me cruisin' down Beverly
Pouring my drank up and smoking so heavily
The flow is sensational, that's what you hating for
They say I'm so inspirational
When the mention ratchet, mention my name
I'm the one added this shit to the game
They told me that I would never be shit
Who the best group ever did it? Three-6 (Yeah)

Who the best group ever did it? Three-6 (Yeah)
Facts, nigga, ayy (Yeah)
Who the best group ever did it? Three-6

[Verse 2]
First I got married to money, then to the game
I just got married again
You play with my wife and I'll blow out your motherfuckin' brain
Got a few sons in the game
But now I'm a father for real, this shit for my daughter
I'm a CEO with a dope ass flow and I'm running this shit like Tha Carter
Started as a DJ now I'm getting money like three ways
Came a long way from the PJs
To my right was I'm real and they idol
'Cause I own the game like I got the title
Straight from Memphis where they homicidal
Kill a nigga, they go read a bible
Speaking on me, then watch what you say
Treat me like I'm a king in LA
They say I'm Hollywood, I say they're hardly hood
Nigga, you ain't even good, where you stay
My brother, Project caught a case
I thank the Lord that he home everyday
Nigga can't get no money 'cause he's scary
First nigga with a song with Katy Perry
In my hood, they might fuck around Rod
Nigga, but I went from hoes to opps
Shirt off
Hop in that Bentley, skrrt off
Do the dash, let all the wind, all the dirt off
I'm in Vegas just stacking my chips, parlayin' don't try this shit 'cause it may hurt y'all
I'm an icon
Every groupie wanna fuck with the lights on, I'ma keep the ice on
Back in the 90's some hoes would just come and fuck everybody until all the white gone
We the voices
Where to get where I'm at in the game, gotta make better choices
I'm in the game but I started on the sidelines
I'm controlling this shit, hypnotize minds
And the style still mystical
Don't get verbal 'less you wanna get physical
I'm a God in the south
Say my name, heard them niggas come and put the rod in your mouth
Hunnid round, hunnid round, hunnid round
Nigga play a game, nigga front his ass on the ground
You don't want beef with a nigga like me, put money on your head, heard niggas gon' hunt you down
No sweat bomb, money on deck
More faces, we up next
I'm consistently killing these niggas, they do not want take my foot off their necks

Woo, woo
Yeah, I'm consistently killing these niggas, they do not want take my foot off their necks
Woo, shut the fuck up!
Yeah, I'm consistently killing these niggas, they do not want take my foot off their necks

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