Lirik Lagu Lil Wayne - Afro Chord Lyrics

Lyrics Lil Wayne - Afro

I'm bout to shoot at a nigga, no layup
I pull up and step back and I get my Jay up, yea
Point blank I shoot at a nigga or shoot at her nigga from far like I'm Trae Young
Shoot at a nigga, no airball, ooh
Shoot at a nigga, no backboard
I break a full court press up at half-court
That's no cap like an afro
I swing that stick like Wayne Gretzky
I keep a K on me like I'm Coach K, Mike Krzyzewski
Hope you set tripping, then I gotta send shots, get your whole set shot
Quiet on the set bitch, shoot at a nigga, no bank shot
Check the game clock, nigga time is too precious
I shoot at a nigga, no rebound
Shoot the whole team down, rookies and veterans
She give me Facetime, no texting
She give me face through the zipper, bow
Open face, Tunechi got shooters like Golden State
Shoot at a nigga, no dribble, no handle
Shoot at a nigga, no dribble, no travel
Shoot at a nigga, no Euro step
Still have my dribble, ain't using my pivot yet
Aim at his rim and I hit the net
Shoot at the cheerleaders blood on the pom-poms
Shoot your coach up, shoot the sidelines
Court side seats, get blood on the popcorn
Shoot you like Jordan, like Bronbron
Shoot at a nigga like Harden from the outside
Nigga can't guard, can't block mine
Shoot at a nigga, going hard from the foul line
He don't wanna call, it's a hotline
Shoot at a nigga, no double dribble
Shoot at a nigga no crossover
Drive way looking like a toy store
I'ma ball I never turn the ball over
Ima shoot on a nigga on mula
Pull up with two hundred guns, it's a shootout
Shoot at a nigga, no hooping, no hupla
Tunechi, lil nigga, no ceilings, no rooftop
I'm bout to spray that nigga, no drizzle
Get down and lay down lil nigga, no pillow
I light up a J on a nigga, no Leno
I'm slime everyday on a nigga, no schedule
All these lame niggas claiming they killas
Just holding up guns, taking pictures in the mirror
Pop me a seal then I pour me [?]
Then I laugh at these niggas, don't look like my children
Giggle, giggle giggle
She like to masturbate while on her period
Then suck on her finger, I swear she the weirdest

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