Lirik Lagu Russ - Congrats Freestyle Chord Lyrics

Lyrics Russ - Congrats Freestyle

The more beef than the less bread
Quiet women give the best head
Rappers doin dope went from trying to be like hov 
Now they’d rather rock and roll and be like led zepp 
Linsanity the way I shocked the game 
Momma hoppin out the Bentley 
Sister hoppin out the range
Stop the blame 
For my entourage 
Just stop droppin names
And you gon stop getting dropped and mollywopped by the gang 
Do your thang 
Just keep me out of it 
My money does gymnastics man I’m tryna make some houses flip 
The sound of shit 
Hitting the fan turns me on 
Cuz I just been addicted to chaos since early on 
I’ve surely gone off the ledge a couple times by now
The pandemic hit rappers sellin sex right now 
I don’t gangbang but trust me bro I’m set right now 
Real bosses don’t need to chase a check right now  
It’s for the best right now 
You go broke so you can wake up   
You struggling your labelhead is somewhere in Jamaica 
Eatin jerk chicken and drinking Appleton rum 
Fix your mind state that’s when all the capital comes
Fake titties feel like rocks I like the natural ones
I like a girl who gives me head without me asking for some
Way to step up to the plate and take initiative
Peace of mind the only thing that’s on my Christmas list 
Business is boomin 
Reuben I ain’t stutter
My career ain’t reach its climax yet I ain’t usher
I’m not your brother cuz we took a pic 
You must be higher than when snoop handed me kush to hit
Shush a bitch swiftly shh
It’s me 
I could teach you how to be a player chris Brickley 
Pick me ass bitches on the timeline making Alfredo 
Posting quotes they don’t live by thinking they Plato 
Y’all ain’t foolin anyone except the dumb ones 
The whole game is Wayne drake future young thug sons
I just skipped customs 
Cuz I took a jet 
Imma eat forever I took equity 
You took a check
Short term dough
Not lookin past your nose
Lotta y’all don’t listen to Nipsey and it shows
You get around a bad bitch you quick to make a post
I can tell you didn’t get pussy when you were broke 
Me I keep it on the low 
Cuz the mystique is player 
I don’t care about the hate shit I was 16 with haters 
Tryna diss me for paper
End up backfiring 
We gon take your diamonds make your eyes look like sapphires 
But I’m tryna chill on the violence 
Well connected pressin rappers at wireless
Why you tryna fight me you should try to fight your stylist and management 
I can’t argue with people who think it’s fly to buy the mannequin 
Low taste don’t talk to me
Fuck a Uber bitch walk to me 
Show me that you want it
I brag about tickets plaques and ownership sue me 
Y’all brag about moncler and Gucci 
On your body 
So how come I’m the only one who gets called cocky
As if rap isn’t braggadocios
At least what I brag about can you get bags instead of handin over cash to someone racist who just uses y’all for black promotion
Way to stick it to the man 
You really showed him by putting cash in his hand
Walked out the store then you post him on the gram
Now your fans are his fans 
The cycle repeats 
Congrats stupid

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