Lirik Lagu Russ - Stockholm Syndrome Feat. KXNG Crooked Chord Lyrics

Lyrics Russ - Stockholm Syndrome Feat. KXNG Crooked

[Intro: Russ]
After this I don’t even wanna talk to people, you feel me?
Hahaha, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Let me just get right to it, yeah
Come on

[Verse 1: Russ]
This is bigger than a post with an irrelevant caption
This is organized knowledge and intelligent action (Woo)
This is since ’06, tryna create legacy
Bossed up stocks, real estate, and equity
You fake Pat Bervely’s always tryna shut down Russ
You fouls stay the fuck from ’round us
‘Cause you can’t fuck with me so you lie instead
You lazy, you blocked tryin’ to head
But I can’t give ’em clout, that’s a courtesy bag
Can’t forget about how bad I wanted what I currently have
Selective memory, I’m blockin’ all the bad games out
Even though I got more fuck ups than a halfway house
But since the match came out, I’ve made M after M
You’re not a boss (You’re not)
You get your percent after them, that’s rough (Yeah)
Money sewin’ up, no more audience to Fashion Novas and all your fans obvious
I’m sorry but I’m not (I’m not)
I send ’em them [?]
Y’all stay throwin’ shots, so you gon’ get what you give
Fuck you back then, right now, and tomorrow (Haha)
I’m in Africa, smokin’ Kilimanjaro
I’m a young god (Yeah), but still I bleed
So I’ma post one out (Uh), ’til I leave
And they killin’ Black people like it’s nothin’
Actually, it’s past the point of killin’, this is huntin’
Gotta do somethin’ (Somethin’)
Gotta do my part (Yeah)
So I went and raised a half a million for the cause (Yeah)
Shout out the ones on the front lines, gettin’ they fight on
I’m talking ’bout Tameeka, I’m talking ’bout Mysonne
I’m keepin’ the lights on for my whole damn family
So I don’t give a fuck if some hoes can’t stand me
I still want Grammys, tell the chapters
Artists go broke ’cause they sell their masters
You a player I’m an owner, so I’m richer than most
How you diss me in a song and you sittin’ in coach?
The audacity (Shh), I’m gettin’ tired of y’all
Keep it real, deep down, I’m inspirin’ y’all
You know the show business says, “Don’t plan,” real idiots
My goal is buy land, build businesses
And my lawyer and manager Ashkenazi
Buildin’ empires like Ghazi Shami
It’s gettin’ real smooth but my wrist is rocky
I don’t want the pussy if you drink Dasani
Lookin’ in the mirror like, “I knew we’d make it” (I knew it)
Five hundred thousand for the [?] bracelet
Another hundred thousand for the MJ hoops
Success came through
All different colors, I know you gon’ remember these eyes
I can give a fuck less if an enemy dies
Fuck them, fuck you, hut one, hut two
Said hike, headed off to myself run through
All the obstacles, I’m always goin’ audibles
My [?] phenomenal, I feel like I’m responsible
For all they tryna do it their own way and move at their own pace
It’s you versus you, dawg, you runnin’ your own race
I’m locked in, afer this, I’m top ten dead or alive
You better decide, which side of the fence you is at
‘Cause I don’t fuck with the back and forth
I make a bitch go get it like a Labrador
I’m a platinum plaque embassador
‘Cause I don’t got one career, dog, I’m next to four
But I’m not done yet (Nah)
The critical thought is, the industry is run by invisible bosses
Through the mist of the fall, I can see what’s true
Only way to beat the game, is don’t play, fuck you, come on

[Interlude: KXNG Crooked]
Come on man, we playin’ a whole ‘nother game, right Russ?
Ayo, I remember listenin’ to your shit on SoundCloud, you in jets now
Tell these niggas how them clouds sounds, since they at it backwards, hahaha

[Verse 2: KXNG Crooked]
One of the best to ever do it, on G-O-D
Twenty plus in the game, y’all ain’t C-O-B
‘Cause the industry is all about who did too
Who [?] takes two
With no vaseline, they just move shit through
Nigga, who is you? They gon’ screw him too
You came into this game to be a cool rich dude, eatin’ Ruth Chris food, buy your new bitch the new shit, sue
But the true issue, they gon’ treat you like a Rubik’s Cube
Then they kickin’ you out, quicker than Ju-jitsu
Nigga, boo hoo-hoo
Ain’t nobody cryin’ when all of a sudden your career doesn’t exist
Couple of hits, you don’t know, got you stuck in the ditch
Wonderin’ if, you should end it all, cuttin’ your wrists
Sick of diggin’ in your pockets, touchin’ nothin’ but limp
Wonderin’ where the fuck your publishin’ went a 100% to the company
And now you livin’ under a bench
Unless a nigga like Hov wanna come to a brother defense
Poor us, only the money can kill us
Jimmy Henchman, puttin’ coke on the tour bus
The allure of gettin’ rich is what lured us
Into that trap of bein’ rappers slash drappers
If they clap us, the label is gettin’ fat, ’cause
They assure us but ensured us that we would get a piece of the pie
Seem like we got the green light to die (Sure does)
I used to sit low with my 64, with my pistol on my hip, yo
Gettin’ hit note
Tires by the [?], I would sip slow, ’til I was sick, yo
Hit the one up out the window
Didn’t know how to get home, when I did though
I would tip-toe to my crib ‘fore I let the shit pour
To my bottle then it was Guantánamo
I would get low like a schizo’ on Skid Row
Drinkin’ myself in the grave, depressed person
Now I don’t chase Henny, I chase the best version
Of myself, hoppin’ in the CLS swervin’
Rims so big, look I’m in an Excursion
I’m hardworkin’ and God workin’
Like a heart surgeon, my heart’s urgin’
I was good to contain now I’m [?]
Slaveship to the spaceship, damn I’m LeVar Burton
Open the star [?] and I meet you with ISIS
Wrote a letter to Suge sayin’, “I’m still the nicest”
‘Til it’s over, I’ll be grippin’ the pistolas
Sippin’ some crip cola, right where Killer Mike is
Leavin’ the mic’ life is that’s what’s killin’ mikes is
Hail to the lyricist, we’re gonna be from the Genesis
Yeah if this is [?] money but you really just a dummy
The labels, the ventriloquists, here’s what the real advice is
Before the jewelry, get some real estate
Put some lawyer money up like you dealin’ weight
Keep it a hunnid, G, whoever wanna eat
Tell ’em all, “Bring somethin’ to the dinner plate” (Word)
Get your credit straight, nigga meditate
Keep a shooter that’ll never ever hesitate (Boom, boom)
Remember this jewel in the future
Keep one step like Medusa, ahead of snakes

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