Lirik Lagu UPSAHL - Fake Bitch Chord Lyrics

Lyrics UPSAHL - Fake Bitch

I’m so fucking happy all time 
Also, I’m really good at telling lies 
My friends they always call me for advice 
But they don’t know 
I’ve been crying 
For the past seven nights

This happens every single time I’m drinking 
Like I can finally hear the thoughts I’m thinking
And it’s oh so clear 
Make a bee line to the bathroom and I look into the mirror saying 

Fake bitch, fake bitch 
Running from her problems
But she makes it look so good when she ignores them 
And she puts them on a shelf 
And she whispers to herself 
It’s okay, bitch 
Don’t ever change, bitch 
La la la la la 

Sorry that I didn’t say goodbye 
Why do, I always have to be the life of the Party, but I still do it every night 
22, what’s your sign 
Let’s do this, one more time 

Life’s a bitch, but so am I 
It’s my party, think I’ll cry

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