ANUBIS - Inside You

ANUBIS - Inside You

You say you want me but
I need you - (you can need someone thinking they need you but they only want you for whatever reason other than love.)

You say you’re lonely but
Is that true - (someone might claim you’re the only one they love and they have no one else but the whole time will have another man/woman on backup)

Cause girl I’m right here
And I’m all for you - (I’m right here ready to love you to the fullest but you let someone else; more than likely someone from the past, mess us up.)

And I’ll feed your fire
Till it’s burning blue - (I want to be the gas to your fire but maybe I’m not enough and you need someone to help light it.)

Fuck what you’ll never know
All your tears baby lettem flow - (You think I may not know the truth but I do and you may let those fake tears flow like it hurts you but I know it doesn’t.)

And the pain that you’ll never show
Inside you - (the pain of your past haunts everything that is you and corrupts everyone you bring close to you and the proof is in what we’ve become.)

Deep is what I like to go
And your mind is what I wanna blow - (I was the first guy to really make love to you and your reaction showed me that. I went deep but not just in you but also your soul.)

And I love the way you take it low
Can’t hide you - (The way you ride me and go low left me stuck which made me not capable of hiding you when everything you did wrong to me came out.)
Girl I’m leaning right here on your soul
You say you want me most when you’re on my pole - (When I make love to you I’m actually penetrating your soul because that’s what real love does. That’s why when we made love that’s when you were at your happiest and claimed you wanted me more.)

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