AUGUST 08 - Sleepless Nights

AUGUST 08 - Sleepless Nights

[Spoken Words]
Remind me again
Why we talk about those things like we did?
Like why the fuck did we always argue?
For some reason I just think that we chose to argue 'cause we loved each other?
Or that we really cared or
Maybe we just didn't know how to love each other the way we were supposed to
And I thought that was due to confusion
If you liked me or did you like her?
But, prom was cool
I was like the first guy you ever took serious
I was that guy, who, treated you to Chipotle
Like when your phone broke I felt obligated to help you try and to fix it
When prom came I bought your dress
Like, was it not serious like I thought it was?
Nigga, shut all that emotional shit up, fuck!

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