Josh Kerr & Jake Scott - If You Wanted It Too

Josh Kerr & Jake Scott - If You Wanted It Too

Seven years of us
Never moving forward
Say were not in a rush
But were goin nowhere
Its too late, too soon
some days you do
then you don’t

Its always been the same
You say forever’s scary
Nothing else to say
Baby we’ve been staring
At the same walls, same place
You’d kiss me to save face
all I know is  

Is oh i’ll never know why
You couldn’t just tell me goodbye and we both know
You couldn’t do it what it takes, I wanted to stay
But you made me let you go
I hate that I gave you all that I had to lose
Could’ve had everything we wanted 
if you wanted it too

You gave me a key
To your new apartment
as if thats enough
this is where we started
And were so far along
You know what I want
And I don’t wanna have to do this

If you wanted to be with me
Then you knew what it would take
But you didn’t love me quite enough to 
Break my heart
And you couldn’t you even cry 
When you made me say goodbye

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