Sheryl Sheinafia & A. Nayaka - Lose My Mind

Lirik Lagu Sheryl Sheinafia & A. Nayaka - Lose My Mind

Slow down lets take our time
Take time to be alright
We only got
We, we only got one life

To live its beautiful
i just want you to know
We only got..
We, we only got one life

To treasure 
so you better 
live like there’s no tomorrow

i just wanna loose my mind
get caught up in the feeling

we need to let go sometimes
no, we don’t need a reason
and if we’re looking for it we can just make it up
cos the time is never gonna stop chasinn us
I just gonna looose my mind
Get caught up in the feeling

cause theres no time to borrow
lets live like theres no tomorrow

gotta leave me all alone
Airplane mode on my phone
I dont even got your number
Let a boy go head and wonder
I dont even wanna say goodbye
Go and pick u up in my ride
Losin myself in your mind now
We aint even know whats right now, now

We got some time lets finally jump up the mission i aint ever 
feel no wrongs witchu, no
Aint nobody lie, gotta put u on my side 
Bonnie and clyde we jumpin in the ride

Ride thru the city all day okay just a little bitty more bout to 
go and see the sun up
Gotta let myself free, u should go let us be
And let me be me, aint got no time for manana

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