SYA - PrettyGirlBop

SYA - PrettyGirlBop ft. Yung Raja

Right foot in, left cheek out
Throw that ass up
Do that pretty girl bop
If mans don’t dance
Shawty don’t talk
I just wanna see
Do that pretty girl bop

This that pretty girl bop in the building
All my ladies throwin it back, jiggle jiggle them millions
Lemme see you work your magic, watch these fellas berzerkin
Have him spend couple hunnids
Then i david cop‘ field him
Oh i like to set dem traps
Double cheekd on the thirst
Man these boys are stupid 
All i want is their purse
Ion care bout your feelings, claim u never got hurt
I made a big boi cry, call dat fuccboi curse
I mean i, hada do it to em
Thats very like me
Might go fuck around turn your bitch
Into my wifey
Thats very like me
fellas tryna fight me
I be throwin bolos
Cause these bozos couldnt height me

Shh, this that pretty girl talk
I dont do texts
I just do my money walk
mans dont dance
Ion fuck wichu bruh
I got bands in my hands
You still livin whicho ma

Damn, can i get an Amen for this pussy
Cause im getting mad blessings from the man with da cookies 
Mmm goodies sedap, jilat tangan, ku tak bagi
Kalau bukan 6 kaki, aku tak peduli
Im a nice bitch, deez hoes pengecut
Mulut cakap besar, tapi pp siput
Tak payah kedekut, if u got nothing to show
Only fuck with pretty bitches, shawty throw me some mo

Erbody wanna be like me
Erbody tryna be like me
Shi- i wanna be like me

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