UMI - Bet

UMI - Bet Lyrics

[Verse 1] 
Why you gotta front, you need that
I ain't finna hold you, I mean that
I be on my own, do you see that?
But you want it, yeah, you want it
And now you up late sending me texts
Always tryna play, this ain't recess
Buttercup can't get no pieces
But you want it, yeah, you want it

And why you gotta talk so tough?
Just be honest, be honest
This ain't how you walk, don't bluff
Beyond it, beyond it
I be moving around it
And you on some clown shit (you on some clown shit, babe)
And I ain't about it
Don't ever doubt it (don't ever doubt it, babe)

Tell you what the truth is
We ain't gotta do this
All you put me through, shit
Bet you want it, babe
Got me talking ruthless
Got me going up through the roof, shit
You on some bullshit
Bet you want it, babe

[Verse 2] 
You ain't bout it, why you doubt it?
It was right away
Too astounded, when you found it
Put that frown away
And do you really fuck with a girl like me?
You was caught up with the he said, she said
What now, we can't fuck
Now please stay far away

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