YSR Gramz - Dragonball Z

YSR Gramz - Dragonball Z Feat. YN Jay

(Oooh, Sav killed it)

[Verse 1: YSR Gramz]
Why would you play with me?
A nigga play with gang, he gon D.I.E
We got Glocks too, nigga ain't shit sweet
A nigga want a verse, he got to pay a fee

[Verse 2: YN Jay]
Oooh, this a dragonfly
Nigga thought I was gon slide, I was passing by
I just rode past his crib, but I'll be back tonight
Nigga died sippin' purple, he wasn't actin' right

[Verse 3: YSR Gramz]
He can't get no fuckin' money, cause he gettin' high
Nigga you really broke, you just gettin' by
Bro so high off the Percs, he could touch the sky
If I get touched the wrong way, somebody gon die

[Verse 4: YN Jay]
Aye, I just met a new custo, look like Jackie Chan
Walkin' down the street with K's, look like Pakistan
Nigga never had no money, he can't stack a band
Nigga can't achieve his goals, cause he ain't make a plan

[Verse 5: YSR Gramz]
Nigga better not move wrong, better not raise his hand
Bro will come through blowin' shit, but he ain't no fan
Big bullets in this Glock 30, bitches look like can
Niggas got 3 bands of 20's, make it look like bands

[Verse 6: YN Jay]
Aye, I just stepped on a (uh), made it look like sand
Bro just pressed up some fake pills, made it look like xans
Niggas don't fight no more, must ain't got no hands
Told Keisha I don't wanna fuck, if I can't fuck her twin

[Verse 7: YSR Gramz]
And I don't wanna be friends if we can't make no bread
I don't even wanna fuck the bitch if I can't get no head
Suppressor on the front of the AR that bitch look like a peg
Brodie head really fucked up he gotta take his meds

[Verse 8: YN Jay]
He need a SSI check, he can't make no pape
But I keep him with me, jump stupid he'll break your face
I ain't in a race with nobody, but I'll take your place
I'll post up on your block, I'll take your play

[Verse 9: YSR Gramz]
You would think the bullets bath salt how they ate his face
This Flint shit really rough as hell, he'll take your play
Why would you get that bitch pregnant, you ain't got no taste?
Dawg over here goin' through it cause he ain't got no drank

[Verse 10: YN Jay]
I don't want no cornbread if that shit ain't Jiffy
Nigga tried to throw a shot but it came back like frisbee
In the club breast checkin' bitches, let me see them titties

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